What is a crystal? How do crystals help us day to day?

Can we take a minute to talk about CRYSTALS?!
We talk about crystals SO MUCH, but never really talk about fundamental knowledge.
A crystal is a fossilized material, obviously formed naturally from the earth. (Although, there are a few man made crystals!)
🔮 Crystals contain several healing properties. Depending on which crystal we are talking about it can hold different qualities. The list of healing properties that different crystals hold seem like its endless!
Crystals are known to have been used in ancient times by priests and healers to align the body chakras.
Now, it is a very popular belief to use crystals to help improve self care.
Each rock/crystal has its own vibration and frequency which helps uplift moods, help us remain calm, sleep and even can help plants grow!
Crystals are naturally extracted which means they harness the power of the ocean, sun and moon to help improve our state. They help promote physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing.
Each crystal has its own healing benefits, so each crystal 🔮 has its own benefits. I highly recommend getting a crystal book to help learn more about each crystal and how they can benefit you!
I LOVE learning about amazing crystal combos too that can help with specific issues like headaches, sleep etc!
What are your top 5-10 favorite crystals?!