Different ways to use crystals everyday!

There are so many different and creative ways to use crystals in your day-to-day life. Crystals are amazing at helping with so many different issues and can help you in so many ways! If you are new to the crystal world, I highly recommend reading through all our blog posts and subscribing to our emails to get notifications for when we post new blogs! (We do send out emails for our sales and products as well.) Each crystal has its own healing properties so many crystals are more beneficial in certain areas.


So, let’s get right into it!

-One of my favorite uses for crystals is to place them on top or in the soil of your houseplants! Crystals can help aid in plant growth!

Some plants that are great for plant growth are citrine, amethyst and tigers eye! We will be doing a separate blog post that goes a little more in depth with this as well!


-Another amazing way to use crystals is to use orgonites (A mix of crystals, metal and epoxy resin) to put in front of your router, TV, computer and even make them into magnets to put on your fridge. Orgonites block those harmful EMFs that come from your electronics and appliances. I have one in every single room. Next to all my Alexa products and on my bedstand.

Need a place to look for some orgonites? We got you covered! (karasnauticalcreations.com)


-Wear your crystals as jewelry! This is an amazing way to carry around the beauty and healing properties of a crystal along with you throughout your day! I love to intuitively choose my jewelry or wear a crystal depending on my moods or struggles I think I will be facing throughout the day. For example, when I wear my pendant with heat treated amethyst (what a lot of people call citrine) it uplifts my mood and makes me happy. If you want something to soothe your nerves or keep you calm amethyst is a great choice!


-Put small crystal tumbles in your pocket, purse etc! Putting crystals in your pocket while you are out and about doing errands or working is a great way to still be able to feel the effects, they will give you! Although when I put them in my purse, I tend to forget to cleanse them!


-Use them as Home Décor! Crystals look amazing as shelf pieces. They add the perfect ambience to any room! They are so pretty, but with a purpose!


-Create a crystal altar! A crystal altar is a space you can create with whatever intention you would like! Meditation, manifestation. Make an amazing space for energy amplification! I personally love to use shelfs. I have on right above my monthly whiteboard calendar that I have a pyrite pyramid, plants and a few other crystals to help me stay focused on my business and that help with prosperity.


-You can infuse your water with crystals! Just please be safe with what crystals you use! Some crystals dissolve in water and are not safe to place in water. (ex: Malachite and selenite are NOT safe to put in water.) To be safe I have a coaster/charging plate to place my cup of water on. Shungite is the PERFECT crystal to purify water.


-Get a clear decorative bowl/cup and put all of your tumbles in it! This is a great way to keep all of your tumbles together, so you don’t lose any. It is also a great décor statement!


-There are so many people who use charging plates to place underneath their produce/fresh foods, or even flowers to keep them fresh and alive longer. What a great and practical use for your crystals, right?


-Amethyst and angelite will help aid in sleep, so they are perfect to keep under your pillow at night. They will help soothe nerves and keep you calm when you need it the most.


-Bathe with crystals! Rose quartz is amazing for self-care and loving yourself. I love to put crystals alongside my bath! Again, be careful what crystals you use around water. Some crystals like selenite will dissolve when placed in water.


-Crystal keychains are another great way to carry around your favorites with you.