6 Crystals for protection!

Top crystals for protection:

We say this ALL OF THE TIME, Crystals aren’t just something beautiful to look at. They are pretty, but with a purpose. Every single crystal has its own healing qualities. There are quite a few crystals that are great for protection! In this blog post we are going to go over some of these beauties that will help you protect your energy and space.

This is a very important topic that we just HAVE to touch on for anyone who needs to be pointed in a direction

Read through this to help you figure out which crystals to use where and when to help you protect yourself and your home from bad energies!


  • Our top crystal that we love to share because of its protection qualities is: BLACK TOURMALINE.

Black tourmaline is one of the most potent protection stones, which is why we are compelled to add this first on the list! It helps dissolve disruptive feelings and can calm negative energies. This is perfect for someone who has gone through a recent breakup or is in a bad relationship that they are leaving. It also helps with a broken heart as it gently disperses emotional pain.

It is said that black tourmaline works great to protect Pisces since they tend to be over generous. It also helps protect you against people who may take advantage of them.

This stone also is very much and deeply connected to the base chakra. This will help you feel grounded and protected in your place on this earth. When your root charkas are aligned it will give you the confidence boost to embrace who you really are.

When should you wear black tourmaline? Whenever you feel like you are in a dark place or bad mood as it absorbs dark feelings and turns them into a positive.



Tigers eye is my favorite protection stone to help me protect myself against others ill intents against me. A lot of people know tigers eye as being good for bringing wealth and good luck. When I think of tigers eye I think of all the protection it will give me. It has the power to focus the mind and bring mental clarity. This is very good to help the wearer be more aware of the bad intentions of those around them, that often we don’t see or tend to ignore. Sometimes it is good to come into a situation with an unclouded mind. So yes, those red flags we tend to ignore? Tigers eye will help point them out and help you believe your instincts.

An amazing stone for building confidence in yourself to stand up against those who have bad intentions. Tigers eye is also another great stone for your root chakra, as are a lot of other protection stones.


  • Carnelian

Carnelian is WONDERFUL in so many ways! I love it because it can cleanse other stones of bad energies and cleanses itself! It is a great stabilizing stone. It gives courage when needed and encourages positive life choices. It also motivates for success. So, it is great at getting you ready for the right path you are intended for. It is also great for helping you overcome abuse of any kind. It also helps you trust yourself.


  • Obsidian

Another strongly protective stone, obsidian is wonderful for enhancing the truth. It almost forms a wall or shield against negativity. It absorbs negative energies out of your environment, which is why it is important to make sure you cleanse this crystal often.

Obsidian can also help draw out stress and tension. Another amazing quality that this stone helps with: it blocks psychic attacks and helps communicate with spirit guides!


So, if you ever need a stone for grounding, stability, purging of negative emotions and all-around protection, obsidian is a good stone to go with!


  • Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular stones, with reason! Not only has it been easily mined, but it is also a wonderful purple color! But it is not only beautiful! A great protection stone it is another one that blocks psychic attacks. It transmutes that energy into love. It protects you from all types of harm.

We will save all of the amazing healing qualities of this stone for another blog post, but TRUST me when I say that this stone is a very worthy stone to have with you and in your home!


  • Smokey quartz

Of course, another grounding stone! Smokey quartz is a gentle but great stone! It gently neutralizes negative vibrations. It is also a great detoxifying stone!

Worried about EMF’s that come off your electronics, appliances etc? Smokey quartz will block them! It also promotes positive thoughts and actions!




We hope this article helps you choose the perfect protection stone for you!