5 Ways to cleanse your crystals

5 ways to cleanse your crystals!

Crystals are great from absorbing negative energy away from you and your environment. This is one of the many reasons why crystals are so wonderful! Although, once a crystal absorbs enough negative energy though it can stop working correctly.

Don’t worry though! I will explain some ways to cleanse your crystals so you can keep using them the way they are meant to be used! Any of these methods will release all those unwanted negative energies!


-The most popular way to cleanse crystals is by moonlight!

Placing your crystals under the full moon every month is a wonderfully effective way to cleanse your crystals. I love to place them right on the ground (outside) overnight. You can also place them in your windowsill overnight. If you leave them until sunrise, it is a great way for your crystals to absorb the energy of the sun! Certain crystals do not like sun and will fade so just make sure your crystal is okay being under the sun if you want to leave it out until sunrise.

It does not necessarily have to be a full moon for the moonlight to cleanse your crystals.


-My personal favorite way to cleanse crystals is by water! Running water is a great way to cleanse crystals and get rid of any negative energies that it might be holding on to. You can use your faucet, a river or rain to cleanse crystals. You just need to be careful with what crystals you use. Some crystals like selenite will dissolve in water. These specific crystals will cleanse best using other methods. I usually place my crystals under running water for about five minutes.


-Sunlight is another way to cleanse your crystals!

Sunlight is another way to be careful as some crystals will fade and change colors in sunlight. A quick google search will tell you if the certain crystal you are cleansing is safe to be in direct sunlight. Place your crystals just as you would when cleansing under the moon.



Smudging is an amazing way to not only cleanse your crystals, but your living space. You want to make sure you have an open window to let negative energy out. Sage and palo santo are both great tools.




Using sound frequency is another good way to cleanse crystals. Sound frequency is a fast and risk-free way to cleanse your gems. We love using a singing bowl! You shouldn’t need to cleanse your crystals for more than five minutes with this method.


While cleansing or charging crystals I like to focus on my intentions. Good intentions are a great way to help cleanse and charge your crystals.

Once a month is a good place to start to cleanse your crystals. If you feel like your crystals are not working properly or are feeling negative energy, come off your crystals then that is a good sign to cleanse them.

Some crystals like malachite need to be cleansed before and after every single use, as it absorbs all negative energies in its environment. Other crystals like selenite cleanse themselves so do not necessarily need to be cleansed.

We hope this list will help you keep your crystals and you energized!

Remember: Make sure to be safe with which crystals you put in the sun and water.